My Songs.

Yyyyeaahhhh soo my songs huh....

Umm.. I wrote em. I'll admit it. Nobody forced me. I wanted to write the songs and some of them are better than others. Some of them you know I really got it on but some of the others that are good songs I didn't get it as good on the performance. Maybe I could have done better here or there but I don't think any of it is terrible you know? I mean this isn't interrogation room brainwashing bad right? Nobody should be offended by this material. I think that's a good place to start? I wanted to make the music sound like the records I love to listen to and yeah some of them jam a bit. Some of them records are really sparse and that's nice too. 

Words are important to me. I try to make them honest. I try to make sure I don't cringe if I ever have to sing them in public. I work on em. Sometimes they are first draft one takers and others I work on for years. I love them all. Songs I write I don't love I just forget them or never have an inkling to record them.  It's okay you'll never hear those songs, those were for me working through something and it served its purpose as transient. The songs I share with you are the ones where I want you to know something or feel something. Lots of times its about a person I love or a place or a memory that I want to remember forever. Sometimes it's a reaction to world events or something I wish I could forget. 

I think the recordings represent me for sure. "The Breaks", "Searching for Signal", and "Old Lake" do a good job telling my story and I know I have more cuts to put on wax before I get put on wax. Also if you  want to hear a lo fi recording of some of my early years you can probably track down ,"The Late Great Barnabus Jones" that my cohort in that band Kevin Beale Produced. It has some great moments on there as well.  "2nd Guess" and "Flatbroke" are two of my all time favorite recordings. 

SO my songs are what they are. I hope they are smarter than me and mean something greater to you then I meant and then you can turn around and enlighten me as to what I meant to say.  But yes these are my songs and I claim them as such. 

If you like any of them, it will make me very happy. I'll keep making up songs. I already did a bunch since these records came out. I think some of those are good too! Anyways maybe the biggest thing is I want to play these songs out more and I'm going to try and thanks for coming by the website . It helps big time! 



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